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Jade Magician Demo Game

The Jade Magician is a slot game that is all about enacting control over a series of gems. For the most part the Jade Magician is all about a wise female magician who is capable of manipulating a series of figurines and turning them into treasure. The jade figurines which are presented on the game board are extremely valuable figures which are also incredible symbols of luck. Jade is something that's valued very high in many cultures and by matching together some of these symbols you can unlock some of the biggest bonuses in this slot machine.

Many of the symbols transform at all is not what it seems when it comes to the jade magician however!

Jade Magician

This game has gotten many different wild in it including a second chance spin bonus, free spins, wild features and plenty of high-paying symbols across the reels. It is a 15 pay line slot machine that has five reels and plenty of gameplay to keep you hooked on it.

Players can put in as much as 18.75 coins or just .15 credits for every spin. As soon as this value is entered all of the Jade figures will be put into motion across the reels.

The first symbol that you should know about is the jade magician and two of these figures together will deliver one of the early scatter bonuses. Even the empty reels can deliver a slight scatter bonus in the format of a second chance spin which can deliver better winnings when nothing happens to come up.

The scatter symbol will award some free games and a chance for doubling wilds that can expand out over the reels. The third bonus symbols doesn't come up too much but it can lead to some instant cash back rewards from the Jade Magician.

Most of the scatter symbol has to do with transformation magic in which three of the icons come together. The jade magician has the chance to change these icons to award more spins to you. There isn't the option to re-span but it just goes to show that every spin bonus can be completely different with this slot.