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Stellar Jackpots Dolphin Gold Demo Game

Stellar Jackpots Dolphin Gold is somewhat of a quirky slot game that is all about the dolphins, which are considered to be one of the most beautiful animals in the world. Dolphins are known for their high degree of intelligence and for being the descendants of land dwelling animals that are millions of years old.

The dolphin in some cultures is also considered to be a symbol of luck. Throughout roman and greek cultures the dolphin remains a symbol of good fortune and a creature of intensive protection. With totally different symbolic aspects to the dolphin it's no wonder that many online slot machines are now producing games that are based on dolphins.

In This version of a dolphin slot machine from the developer lightning box, the developer invites you to dive into the depths of the ocean and place bets into one of three very impressive jackpots. The dolphin Gold slot machine has a series of undersea creatures ranging from stingrays, fish, sea horses, plants, card values and more.

Stellar Jackpots Dolphin Gold

The slot machine has a 40 pay line slot that allows for play from .96 up to a maximum of 120 coins on the line. There are a series of bubbling jackpots which are up for grabs including the major, the minor and the mini. The mini jackpot stands at just 32 coins, the minor jackpot is an impressive 160 coins and the major jackpot is around 4000 coins.

By increasing your bet you could trigger the major jackpot to be well in excess of 100,000 coins and this is a fairly substantial amount of cash!

It's mostly about the jackpots with this game and there are six different levels of bonuses available before you could reveal the prize icon and move onto the next level. In some ways it's almost like a progressive jackpot is built right into the machine. When you get to some of the top levels you can pick out some of the Golden dolphins along the reels with the chance to see some golden wild dolphins that will improve your chances of winning with each new spin.