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The Legend of Shangri-la Demo Game

The legend of Shangri-La details the story about a hidden paradise from the novel lost arise and that's written by James Hilton.

In the book version of Shangri-La the characters were able to discover a hidden paradise that was filled with a magical fountain that could cause people to age incredibly slowly. Regularly revisiting the fountain would ensure an almost unlimited lifespan.

In this Netent slot machine players will be forced to make a series of clusters of symbols which mostly have to do with the treasures that can be found within Shangri-La. There are also some creatures to be found inside including dragonflies , fish , monkeys , elephants , cats , flower petals and more.

By matching together some of the treasures you can work to recover some of the best items that are found in this unseen world. The soundtrack is somewhat mystical and it plays over top of all of the content creating a cool atmosphere.

The Legend of Shangri-la

Shangri-La plays over a 5 x 6 grid and it is known as being a cluster pays slot. This means that there are not really pay lines per se but rather a series of ways that you can win by making left or right matches in patterns across the board.

Some of the smaller wins within the game come from the fish and the flower petals and butterflies. The lynx cat and some of the other larger animals as well as the treasure icons will pay out much larger payouts in the game.

The prizes will scale depending on the size of the cluster that you are able to put together in the game. A cluster of nine cats for example will earn a base 30 credits with a multiplier for every single icon you matched. What you end up with is a jackpot that hits nearly 10,000 credits.

There is a sticky re-spins feature within this game that activates when to clusters of the same icon are placed nearby to each other. Through the sticky respins feature there is a chance that any spin you finish will eventually turn into another respin over time. The substitutions can often lead to much larger winnings!