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demo slots

Spinata Grande Demo Game

Spinata Grande is a Mexican themed party slot that is all about getting piñata's out to their parties!

There are a number of different piñata creatures that can be found for matching up in this game. Some of the big figures in this game include the donkey, bull, a parent as well as a fish. These piñata definitely have more than just candy inside however.

The goal will be to get these piñata ready is by filling them up with treasure and then matching them up to take some of these wonderful treasures home!

There are also a number of lettered symbols that can be matched up to deliver fresh payouts that can help with your bonus winnings too. This slot machine is extremely colourful and the soundtrack is a bright and upbeat as well.

You might even feel like you're at a Mexican street party with the noises that come from this slot machine!

Spinata Grande

This game plays a little bit differently than some of the other slot machine titles out. There are a mini slot feature that appears as part of the colossal reels bonus. These mini reels retract from the main reel and add a 3 x 3 many reel that extends from the main game. This will lead to some bonus winnings at times.

Five of the bluefish piñata's will give you 60 times your stake, the green parrots will deliver a 100 times stake, five of the donkeys will deliver a 200 times stake and five of the red Bulls deliver a 300 times stake. Each of the piñata offer their own great bonuses over the game.

Through the one armed bandit symbols will trigger the mini reels which can offer a series of animal pinatas for the symbols. If the symbols appear on the main board this can lead to some increased winnings or you can work to chain some bonuses together too.

There are levels of stakes in this game too. By betting between 1 coin and .01 coins on each line you have the chance to see base payouts that range from 20 up to 200 on the lowest symbols.