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Planet of the Apes Demo Game

If you have ever seen the planet of the apes film from the 1960s or the new reboot of the planet of the apes that took place in the year 2001, this is a slot machine that you are going to enjoy.

This version of planet of the apes features original characters and sound effects from some of the last two movies. Fans of the movies might almost instantly start to recognise some of the characters including Caesar and some of the music from the film.

Some of the mail icons that you'll be matching together include some of the poker card symbols that you would find in other slot machines as well as some of the human characters from each of the new films. A few of the eight characters are also included such as Caesar the leader.

Planet of the Apes

The highest payouts in this game can sit at a base 600 coins and lead to some other multipliers depending on the betting level that you are using with this game. There are many special features triggered in this game as well and a few of the icons do have some special effects. The wild symbols on the board actually stack up and cover the entire reel during parts of the game.

The game also has a gone section and a night section. These transitions occur whenever the wild bonuses enacted and the entire board transfers over to either dawn or dusk. There are different bonuses on each side of the board.

There are scatter symbols on the reels that can trigger a series of instant prizes when three of them are unlocked. The free spins game for example is different on the dawn side as well as on the night sign. In the dawn bonus you get 15 free spins and a payout multiplier, on the dusk side you'll get an instant prize bonus for any of the humans that pop up during the free spins.

There is a dual feature that also comes up at almost any time. One symbol is chosen for each side of the screen and the icon will stick on that side.

Randomly the icon can transfer over to either side and increase the chance of a bigger payout when you are on the dawn or dusk side. This is a cool way to keep players always watching for the big bonuses they can get!