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Butterfly Staxx Demo Game

Butterfly Staxx is a game that involves the idea of changing caterpillars into butterflies once and for all.

Butterflies require many months of stasis in order to become the transformed beauties that they are.

With this Butterfly Staxx style gameplay players will be able to match together a series of different caterpillars in a way that they can birth new butterflies and earn even larger prizes.

Players will be matching together symbols like flowers, cocoons, various colour butterflies and caterpillars in an effort to try and create some of the most beautiful butterflies on earth.

As a video slot machine there are many animations within this game and a soundtrack that sound like something that would be on a nature program.

Butterfly Staxx

The slot machine comes with five reels and an expanded 40 pay lines with some very bright colours across the board. Players can put in as much as 10 coins on every line and set up the denominations that work best for them. There are some high paying symbols on the board which are denoted by flowers and colourful butterflies.

There are various wild symbols across the board that can substitute for other symbols on the board and complete a selection of better paylines. The wild symbols in this game are labelled as butterfly wilds and there are also other bonus symbols called the butterflies spin symbol.

With the butterfly spins symbol there is a chance to unlock 5 to 7 free spins depending on the number of scatters that you are able to uncover it once. Only one of these symbols actually appears on each one of the reels and if you see another one during the free spins bonus you can also trigger a respin feature.

The stacking in butterfly staxx actually comes from the chance that stacking wilds can occur. If one wild comes up there is always the chance that it could remain stacked on the reel and in some cases even equate to multiple free spins and multiple free winnings from the stacked bonus.

It is when this stacking occurs that many caterpillars work to turn into butterflies and present the player with lots of new treasures in the form of winnings!