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League of Dragons Demo Game

The Dragon themed slot machines have become a pretty popular choice for themes among developers like Nektan. Unlike many of the slot machines were dragons are produced to be symbols of luck or even symbols to defeat, the dragons are the main characters in this game.

The dragons are like little cartoon creatures that can fight each other in a big arena. It is almost like the fighting pits in game of thrones only with exclusively dragons fighting it out. Two different dragons grabbed the spotlight in this game and the entire game is like one big battle with each of them attempting to win some of their own winnings on each of the reels.

The blue corner and the red corner will be battling it out with some of their own types of attacks. For blue symbols in red symbols there is a unique mechanic in this game which will be explained in the features section. Overall the theme of this mostly has to do with arena fighting and the sound effects as well as the loud music really put you right into the action with legal dragons.

League of Dragons

The features of this game mostly have to do with winnings on either side between the blue dragon or the red dragon. To fill up the blue bar you will need to put together 10 different symbols during your play through, to fill up the red bar you will need to put together at least 10 symbols from this side of the board too.

Any time that you are able to fill up either side of the board you can get access to one big bonus in the game. The red symbol for example will deliver a chance for a five times multiplier. The blue symbol fill up will deliver the chance for 10 free spins.

There are also a wealth of other symbols throughout the game including the base wild. This can match with neighbouring symbols ensuring that you can see a huge number of bonuses along the way too. If you are looking for a cool dragon themed gladiator slot machine, this is the one you need to play today!