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Battleship Demo Game

With Battleship the goal is to defend your country and have the chance to spot out enemy battleships before they have a chance to take a shot at you!

The goal with this game from IGT was to pay tribute to the classic board game called battleship.

If you ever played battleship in the past the goal was the same, trying to guess the other players warship locations before they had a chance to sync all of your ships.

In this game, the intensity is ramped up a little more with some realistic sound effects, fun bonus games and plenty of ways that you can gain the upper hand for your country.

Several countries are represented here and there are a number of different ships, weapons, soldiers and more. As soon as you start the game you will be greeted with a welcome aboard Sir message and start to be introduced to some of the characters like the medic, top gun pilot, Adm. And others.


You can start with very low stakes on this game or raise them up fairly high depending on your comfort level.

With the option to spin for as little as one coin, you can always have a chance to unlock some winnings. The earliest prizes in the game are a 100 times line stake for shooting down some of the enemy helicopters in the game. You can also get a 150 times line bonus for shooting down some of the stray enemy jets.

The medic will deliver a 200 times line stake and the top gun pilot delivers a 300 times line stake.

The commander Adm. will deliver a 400 times line stake. The big prize however comes with the idea of sinking some of the enemy battleships which can award up to a 1500 times line stake. This is represented as one of the biggest jackpots in the game.

Any of the battleships on the board can go wild at any moment and can substitute for symbols except for the bonus radar.

Bonus radars work by rewarding a multiplier bet of up to 50 times bonus but also trigger the victory bonus when they are matched together 3-5 times.

The victory bonus delivers free spins in the chance to use some extra missiles which you can use to send targeted ships and get access to the big multiplier!